Island Round Trip

Start at the North of the island

The tour starts in the North. There is Punta Cabo Blanco, a headland to which joins in the South Playa El Tirano and in the North Paya Parguito. Both bays are ideal for water sports, Playa El Tirano because of its quickly increasing water depth and Playa Parguito due to its good surfing conditions.

playa_manzanillo_inselrundfahrtNext we arrive at Playa El Agua, a former tourist center. The beach is app. 3 km long and you find all you need: white sand beach, shady coconut trees, smooth surf a perfect Caribbean ambience. 5 km to the North Manzanillo follows. Here you can watch the fishermen landing their boats in the morning and processing their fishing of the night.

Just under Cabo Negro which is the most northern point of the island the street goes on to south-west and angles along the jagged coast with the wonderful views over Guayacán to Pedro González. By the entrance to Juan Griego we leave the nearly dried out lagoon Los Martires to our left. The name reminds of the heroic death of hundreds of patriotic warriors that fell 1817 in the clutches of General Morillo.

From La Asunción to the valley El Valle

We go on to La Asunción, capital of the island. Here we see the memorial of Simon Bolívar on the main square and get to know facts and figures about his life and Venezuela liberated from him. After the visit of the church Nuestra Señora de la Asunción we go to the fortress, looming over the city, into the dungeon in which the Spanish conquerors burned the heroine Luisa Cáceres in order to find out the whereabouts of her husband who fought for the independency.

Dia Virgen del ValleFor nothing, as history teaches. In spite of several years in prison on Margarita and in Spain she never revealed him and returned to the island after a successful escape. Here she met her husband again and bore several children and lived a happy life with him into advanced old age. This is how we come to the magical valley El Valle, the most important place of pilgrimage of Venezuela. Already the pearl-fishers worshipped the wonder-working virgin of the valley. We admire the beautiful pilgrimage church.

The western part of the island

Margarita consists of two islands which are connected through a narrow sandbank. We cross the only connecting bridge and shortly after arrive at Museo Marino. From a distance we see the skeleton of a huge whale which was found only few years ago on the neighbor island Cubagua where the massive marine mammals stranded.

Punta Arena, Peninsula de MacanaoThe variety of the marine fauna and flora is presented very clearly in the sea museum. There is even a non-stop cinema on the first floor. In the air-conditioned cinema we enjoy the submarine world of the Caribbean sea along with its calming sound. Who would have thought that we find such modern museum in between countless cacti and dunes! We are in Boca del Rio, one of the last settlements before we strike out to move further to the west.

On our way we are accompanied on our left by the sea and uninhabited beaches for miles. We are now at the southern edge of the western half of the island, the peninsula Macanao. The highest peak of this part of the island is Cerro San Francisco whose massif accompanied us for miles on our right hand side.

Here we meet on a well-established road nearly no cars. A lot of fishing valleys pop up after each bay. It is all about fishing here.

la restinga kleinThe lagoon Laguna La Restinga

We arrive in La Restinga in the late afternoon. At this time the lagoon belongs nearly to us alone. We need to share the huge, in many canals ramified area only with pelicans, mangrove forests and starfishes. The latter exist in great quantities only in shallow waters. Due to the many excursion boats we have an idea how crowded it might be during the day since the lagoon is a hot spot.


The way back over Juan Griego

juangriego2 sonnenuntergang kleinWe’ve seen that Margarita has many faces. How time runs! We head for our last stop on our tour. Our destination is Juan Griego was literally means Jack the Greek. The legend tells he showed up as castaway and lived since in that bay. This most northern city is the second largest one of the island and impresses through its beautiful port. 

This bay is also known for its most impressing sundown. That’s what we do and stroll along the mole and look for an ideal seat.

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