The most beautiful beaches on Isla Margarita

Isla Margarita has a nice selection of beaches. Whether you like walking, enjoying the sun under palms or watching the fishermen doing their job, for basically anybody there is the perfect spot.

Playa El Cardon

This beach belongs to the holiday resort El Cardon, is 2 km long and passes on to Playa Tirano. This is marvelous walk! There are only a few palm trees that let you find little shade. A beach bar is available but there are no sunbeds and parasols.

Close to this there are several restaurants and snack bars. The beach is mainly used by locals.

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Playa El Tirano

We enjoy the beach of Playa El Tirano because we always find a quiet little place, especially weekdays. The sea has a moderate surf, there are shady palm trees but at the little beach bar you find sunbeds with parasols as well. In the little fishing village at the end of Playa El Tirano you can watch the locals selling fresh fish in the morning. Reasons to take photographs are manifold such as the many pelicans sitting on the boats.

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Playa Parguito

Another beach that we like is Playa Parguito. It is more crowded than Playa El Cardon and the variety of fish restaurants is bigger. Also there are sunbeds and parasols to rent. Playa Parguito offers you optimal surf conditions as well. Playa Parguito joins Playa el Agua but also to reach via El Tirano in walking distance, a nice walk at the sea.

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Playa el Agua

This is a Caribbean beach as you are longing for! Simply amazing! A broad sandy beach with a lot of palm trees! We spent our holiday on Isla Margarita in a quieter place but like to drive to Playa el Agua sometimes. It offers many nice beach bars and restaurants that are located along the seaside road. On the other side of the road you see many hotels. The beach is long an nicely wide so you can do a beautiful walk at the sea.

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Playa Manzanillo

Playa Manzanillo is located in the north of Playa Agua. The approach is signposted. The beach is approx. 900 m long and the breath is quite moderate. You can also rent sunbeds and parasols. There are also some fish restaurants and the bay gives you with its fishing boats a picturesque ambience.

Playa Zaragoza

Playa Zaragoza is in the North of the island and close to the hotel Dunes. You reach the beach via the coastal road that leads from Manzanillo to Juan Griego. The access is signposted. Playa Zaragoza is a bay in which you find sideward fishing boats. The water is calm and well suited for swimming. Sunbeds and parasols can be rented as well. There is a beach promenade made of red brickwork lined with palm trees. The colorful colonial houses inhabit apartments, stores and restaurants.

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Playa la Galera

Playa la Galera lies within a little bay behind Juan Griego followed by the Fortin de La Galera. It’s 1200 m long and not very wide. This beach is ideal for kids since here the sea is very calm. There are no palm trees but sunbeds and parasols can be rented. Jet ski and boats are also available just as many restaurants.

Playa Caribe

Playa Caribe is known as one of the most beautiful beaches on Isla Margarita. It is 2 km northern of Juan Griego and easily to approach by bus or taxi. The beach is 1200 m long and of fine white sand. The waves are quite high and the water becomes quickly deep, i.e. the beach is not too suitable for small children. There are restaurants and bars as well as a rental for sunbeds and parasols. Furthermore you can rent jet skis as well.

Playa el Yaque

The palm tree lined beach of Playa El Yaque is approx. 2 km long. El Yaque on the south coast was originally a fishing valley but became in the last years a world-famous surf spot. Here water and wind sportsmen from all over the world remain distinct and enjoy the inexhaustible wind potential of the Caribbean. The strongest winds come between January and May. During summer they are a bit smoother but still constant – for beginners perfect conditions since you can stand also after 300 m in water.

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